Intermittent Fasting For Preppers: Day 9

The Big Reveal!

So, we are here the moment of truth! Did it work? Is it working? Do I have the willpower to keep going? Good news! Intermittent fasting seems to be safe and effective from everything I can tell. Admittedly that is judging by my own body. So here are the stats folk…

I lost 9 pounds this week. Some of that is water and some of it was probably from not eating enough in the beginning. When I started keto, after prednisone turned me into a human balloon, I was at 326 pounds. Keto got me down to 263 pounds. This morning after 9 days of intermittent fasting I weighted in at 254. I am really not too sure how much of the weight I lost was due to water loss either. Consider this, retained water only happens on a high carb diet. Why? Because the sugars are tied into water molecules when it is turned into glycogen. As a matter of fact 65% of a glycogen molecule is water. So it makes sense that if you are burning glycogen you should be shedding a lot of water. The thing is it has been so long since I have left ketosis that I should have been free of that nasty water retaining glycogen anyway so it is entirely possible that all or most of the 9 pounds is actual weight loss. I am still a little nervous about muscle loss but if what I have read about manufacturing growth hormone is true I should be OK.

I took my measurements this time around too. I didn’t cry. I am very proud of myself for not cry. Last week I tried to make myself do the actual measurements “just never got around to it”… in other words I couldn’t face it. There was a time I had a really nice figure. To be honest, I have been avoiding scales, mirrors and tape measures as much as possible. I was deeply afraid the high dose prednisone had messed up my metabolism so badly I was never going to lose the weight. Today I was feeling really hopeful so I went ahead and did it. Shudder. Anyway, the bright side is that last weeks measurements would have been off anyway because of all the bloating. You would not believe how much looser my clothes feel. I know that was not just loss of body fat. Nope, my digestive tract has emptied out. I don’t belch like a long haul truck driver that has been eating too much gas station food anymore. Take that SIBO!!!

Definitely Detoxing

I stink. Seriously, like multiple showers a day stinking. I thought at first it was just my imagination but you can’t deny that level of nasty. What is more my sweat is super acidic. I mean it literally is irritating the crap out of my skin if I don’t wash it off during the day. My tongue is also weird. I don’t know if that is detox as well or just a reaction to not eating 24/7 but I know I am getting proper nutrition. I know it seems a little weird to be kind of happy about smelling like yesterday’s road kill but I figure it is a good thing. It is cleaning all the nastiness out of me so I will deal. Besides I can just blame it one the goats, right?

It Is Still Hard To Eat Enough

I really was suffering at first but I discovered eggplant and that has helped a lot. The problem was eating enough food without breaking keto. You can eat carbs on this but I have SIBO and my digestive tract does not do well with carbs. Have you ever tried eating a whole days worth of calories in sprouts and greens? Not gonna happen. You feel like you will explode and I don’t like oily foods so it was a struggle. That is where the magic of eggplant came in. The stuff is like a sponge. It just soaks up the duck fat and like magic I am getting all the calories I need now. Ah, if only there were some magic way to make a whole day worth of meat at one sitting look attractive.

I Can Walk

OK, I could walk before… just not like this. You have to understand before I got sick I loved to hike and was REALLY outdoorsy. Then I got sick and it all disappeared. It was like losing a piece of who I was. You would not be able to connect the woman I was before to who I was after the prednisone was done with me. Well, yesterday I went for a walk… then yesterday evening I went for another walk. Then this morning I went for a third walk. All of them a mile in length each which is saying a lot when you understand where I live. We went to the river because it is the flattest place around but I live on a mountain top. There really is not such thing as flat, level or paved. Just flattish which means it is not quite like climbing stairs. I really would not have imagined I could accomplish that repeatedly on top of all my chores and with an empty stomach. Before switching to one mean a day the SIBO did crazy things with my blood sugar levels and I couldn’t hack it. I truly feel like a new woman! This “diet” is a gift from God. I am not saying it is easy. It takes work and self control but it is life changing.