Ebola As A STD And The Border Issues

I Am Not Here To Talk About The Ebola Crisis

This is part of my section on disease during the Grand Solar Minimum. Today, the World Health Organization declared Ebola to be a “Public Health Emergency Of International Concern”. In other words they admitted it was a big enough deal it was worth risking the flow of money that comes from tourism and trade. I am not here to talk about that today. I am not even here to talk about the sick. That is mainly because much to our disgrace, over all nobody is that interested. We are busy arguing about the border and which politician is or is not a racist. We tend to miss things… important things. That is what I am here to talk about.

We had a brief outburst about people from the Congo slipping across the boarder and then it was gone, forgotten, yesterday’s news. It is one of our short comings as a people. We have the attention span of a gold fish with Alzheimer’s. We get all excited about something and then bing we are off in another direction. Folks we need to slow down and look at the real risks here.

Disease And Climate Change

I am going to ask you a simple question. What would you do if you were hungry, cold or in danger and there was a chance to go somewhere else where there was a better life? Odds are pretty darned good you would go. I want you to remember that before you demonize the people flooding across boarders worldwide. Many of them are frightened people with very limited options. You really cannot blame them for looking for a chance to have a better life. Honestly, I don’t blame them for being homesick for the culture they grew up with either. It has to be a terrifying experience.

The problem is compassion and understanding have to be tempered with commonsense. There is a big difference between having people wandering in and out of the country and making sure everyone coming here is in good health and they would make good citizens. Now, I really am not terribly worried about someone with an active case of Ebola slipping across the border. It is a long and arduous journey so the odds are against that. If someone with an active case of Ebola does make it into America odds are pretty high they will be coming in by airplane. What I am worried about on our southern border is another issue.

Contagious Survivors

Ebola can live on in the bodies of people who have been cured and no longer test positive for Ebola. It has been found in the breast milk, semen, spinal fluid and ocular fluid (in the eye) long after the rest of the body tests as cured. How long? To be honest, we do not know. It has been found in sperm years after the the patient was declared cured. Current figures assume 9% of male survivors will be carriers of Ebola after being declared cured. It is believed to be a part of the reason that Ebola is now erupting in unexpected places.

What Is The Connection?

Why am I trying to tie the border issues with an Ebola outbreak in Africa? The weather is changing. When the weather changes people move around just as is happening now. Refugees from climate or human caused disasters are desperate people. They often have little or nothing. Often they are far enough from home that they do not have marketable job skills and in many cases do not speak the same language as their neighbors. Often, having left family and social structure behind. The loneliness can lead to careless sexual behavior. Poverty and desperation can lead to some people even turning to prostitution. These things do happen.

Why Does This Matter?

Listen, this is not about whether or not you are careless about, um, physical relationships. It is about the guy who makes your hamburger, the clerk at the store and everyone around you. We have huge homeless populations in many of the sanctuary cities. There are rat epidemics in Los Angeles. America is not the pristine fortress we like to imagine it being.

Does that mean I think these poor desperate people are just waiting for a chance to run around spreading disease? No. Does it mean you need to be more afraid of dark skinned refugees than light skinned ones? No. What it means is we need to be afraid of any refugee that has not been thoroughly vetted to make sure they are not carrying Ebola and a number of other diseases.

Safe, Sane And Sensible

We need to approach this in an adult manner putting aside the drama and chaos of modern politics. This is not about race, party lines or any of the other issues being raised. This is about planning and forethought. It is about recognizing risk. Ebola is not the only disease that can come into our nation unexpectedly through unregulated immigration. It is not even the worst but it is a part of our new reality in the Grand Solar Minimum as more people both on the national and international scale find themselves dispossessed.