Spoiled Children, The Electoral College And You

Bernie Is On A Tear About The Electoral College

Look I get it, he wants to be president and he knows he isn’t going to win a fair fight so he wants to change the rules. It is nothing new. Politicians always want to change the rules. That is how we ended up with so many executive orders during the last administration. The simple truth is politicians are a lot like children in some ways. They will try to get away with as much as we will allow.

Now any good parent knows that just because your child wants something doesn’t mean it is a good idea. If we did not know how to say no, our kids would be living on fast food, ice cream and soda pop, staying up half the night playing video games and acting out in hundreds of other ways. The same is true with politicians. I would say that the ramifications are far more long lasting but the truth is the two are tied together.

We Messed Up Folks

I am owning up to this with the rest of you. I have 3 sons born in the late 80’s. Like most other parents I made some mistakes along the way. There were times I was too permissive. There were times I tried to hard to teach them what was right and just without teaching what was effective and logical. To be frank. there were times I dropped the ball. Society told us it was the way to go. Raise our children with a sense of fairness and decency that other generations never had and we could right the world’s wrongs. It did not work out that way. We left them vulnerable. Some stepped up and some fell by the wayside.

I am not saying we ruined them or that everyone from that generation is the same. Watching my sons go off to war made me see both the mistakes I had made and the things I did right as a parent. The thing is we left an entire generation vulnerable. Many of them stepped up and rose above our mistakes as parents. War and the realities of living an adult life taught them the world is not always what we had told them it could be. Others, slid further down the slippery path that is leading our nation astray. In the end, like the generations before they had to limp along and find their own way. Some are doing better than others.

Dreams And Fantasies

Collectively, we promised them a world that doesn’t exist. Worse we promised them a world that cannot exist. Like spiders waiting for a fly politicians have had their eyes on this generation and this moment in time. It isn’t just the millennials. They are the culmination of decades of delusional fantasies about how the world should be.

Progressive politicians never planned on fighting fair. They are not the sort to stand toe to toe and settling things in a fair fight be it physical or intellectual. Instead they are masters of the fine art of persuasion. Persuasion means convincing someone to do something they would not do otherwise. It is often the art of deception and distortion. It is also the art of biding your time and wearing down your opposition.

I suspect they half believe their own lies. There is no way that they can delude themselves into believing they can do all the things they are promising and not ruin the country. However, they have managed to delude themselves into believing that something better will rise from the ashes. At least I hope that there is some core of idealism to their actions instead of simply corruption and greed.

Erasing The Voice Of Reason

Life teaches us things. As I said, many of the millennial generation have grown beyond our collective mistakes as parents. They see the world with eyes that understand hardship, sacrifice and suffering just as we learned about these things along the road to who we are today. Others though, sit protected and nurtured into a state where they cannot face or accept reality. Like children too young to understand the implications of their actions they live in a world that has no limits or logic. It is a world based on what one wants to happen instead of the harsh realities of what will happen if this path they are taking is followed to it’s natural end.

The electoral college exists for a reason. If you listen to the rhetoric, you could almost be convinced the issues are removing the vestiges of an outdated system designed to accommodate the peculiarities of a slave state or perhaps to continue to enslave our present society. To be honest, I am a practical woman. I am not going to argue the intent of people long in the grave and past answering so I will leave the origins of the electoral college for scholars to discuss over beers on long cold evenings when there is nothing better to do. Instead, I want to talk to you about the second option.

The Last Stop Gap Against Revolution

Think what you will of the founding fathers. I am sure, like the rest of us, they were flawed people and they answered to the morality of a time we can never fully understand. You still need to accept one reality… they were revolutionaries that well understood how fragile of a political system they were creating. When asked what form of government they had created Ben Franklin responded “A republic if you can keep it.” It is the “if you can keep it” part that matters.

We have faced this before my friends… a time when the unity of our nation stood ready to collapse. With only one exception, and that one left us embroiled in the bloodiest conflict our nation ever faced as brother fought brother and father stood against son, the principles set by the founding fathers have held us together. As I said above I am not here to debate the rights and wrongs of the past. Slavery needed to end and the blood that was shed to do so was spent in an honorable cause.

However, many of the rules our nation was built upon were sacrificed along with the human toll that was taken. Many who fought on the side of slavery did not believe in it. They felt they were fighting against another form of slavery which the government could impose upon all Americans black and white. History is a complicated knot tangled beyond our abilities to undo. You cannot judge the actions and thoughts of people over this distance of time. Truthfully few of us know half the reasons we do things in the moment we are acting.

We Are On The Cusp Of Such A Situation Again

I am not going to talk to you about climate change and the Grand Solar Minimum here. The subject is too much of a hot button. In the end it doesn’t matter if the sun or our own pollution is at fault. What matters is that the crops are not growing properly both here in the US and on a world wide level. The economy cannot survive what is coming. This unstable peace we keep with other nations is just as vulnerable. We are facing hard times in a world that has grown accustomed to demanding more, more and yet more. It is for just such moments as this that we need the electoral college.

A Nation Divided

The last time our nation faced such a crisis the lines were drawn between free states and slave holding states. This time the lines are going to be drawn between urban areas and more rural areas. A fully 82% of the US population lives in urban settings. The larger the population of an area the more likely it is to lean towards the left. I will not debate the usefulness of cities. They are the foundation of much of the science, art and other wonders we have created as a civilization. We need them if we are to advance but I fear that many of the people in cities forget that they too need those in less populated areas.

The cities are not what we want to believe they are. Los Angeles was once the stuff of dreams but now it is more of a nightmare. Only yesterday, I was reading about how close they are to a biological disaster as rats, typhus and other medieval horrors run rampant among their homeless population. Feces covered streets are hardly the hallmark of a stable modern civilization. Once upon a time glamour was taken to mean trickery instead of beauty and I think, in the old sense of the word, the city of angels and many others like her are truly glamorous… beautiful on the outside and from a distance if one does not look too closely at the rotten core.

Rural areas too have their share of hardships as drug use and other social ills have spread outwards. Willful “poverty” as a career choice has become a generational issue as good jobs were replaced with welfare programs and industry fled to more fertile fields abroad.

The Rigid Core

Still, some hold true to the core values that keep the nation going. The working men and women, small business owners, soldiers, veterans and first responders willing to put their lives on the line for others have become the butt of the joke for many of the more sophisticated progressive liberals who consider them to be meaningless remnants of a time best forgotten and left to fade away.

The question is what happens when we useless dinosaurs fade away? Who will grow the food? Who will keep things running? Who will pay the taxes that provide for everyone else?

Believe me, we do not want a fight because we know we will be fighting our own but like parents with a spoiled child we must take a stand. How many times have we looked into our children’s eyes and said “no” with the full knowledge that a storm of tears and anger would result. This time is not so different. We have to say “no” to many of the things liberals want. It is not because we want to be unkind but rather because they are asking for the impossible. Like children they see only the shiny new toy and the excuses made for putting off today’s work for play. They forget the price and consequences.

Conflict Is Coming

To the liberals we are cold, unfeeling and heartless. To us they are impractical, immature and unrealistic. Outside forces are pushing us into conflict as food shortages loom after this year’s horrible growing season. The economy will take a hit as prices rise. Short tempers will get shorter. Riots will happen as they have so often in the past but with ever increasing violence and bloodshed. If we do not preserve the sanctity of the traditional political systems that have held our nation together then it is inevitable that we will, as a nation, succumb to chaos and collapse.

One Wise Man Or Twenty Fools

All votes are equal but each region also has the right to equal representation. That is the premise behind the electoral college. Should New York City count more than the populations of New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Montana, Delaware, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming combined? The population of New York City actually is higher than all 9 of those states combined. If we remove the electoral college how well do you think those city people who have never plowed a field or raised a crop will govern your food supply? Will they make wise choices or (as Stalin did) starve a nation to feed it’s cities after ruining the farms and farmers with unrealistic plans made from ignorance? Certainly equilibrium will be reached in time but what price would be paid in human suffering?

Do It For Them If Not For Yourself

If you are old, tired or disinterested, I beg you to stop and put aside your frustration with the subject. Think about what is coming if we do not preserve our political system. Civil war is the only possible result if we do not preserve the electoral system that has held our nation together through all these years. Those in the cities, especially those on the liberal side, do not recognize how close to the edge of disaster they are skating. They are dependent upon a very fragile and complex system that brings food, water and energy into these hothouses of revolt. They are like a patient on life support and their very existence hangs by a thread.

The chaos and death toll among those living in cities and the dependent class nationwide is unimaginable. Government figures assume a 90% die off should we suffer a grid down situation as the result of and EMP or coronal mass ejection. Does anyone think people would fare much better in urban areas should civil war strike?

As a further question, ask yourself if we need them any less? Without the cities we are like a snake with its head cut off. We will lay there writhing on the ground waiting for the vultures to pick us apart.

Take a stand now on the value of the electoral college while our voices still matter. Take a stand now while one’s words are still enough. Hold our nation together.