Intermittent Fasting For Preppers: Day 14

I Cannot Believe This

I am in shock. Two weeks into the intermittent fasting plan and I have hit my goal for the month of July 10 days early. Most of my life I was around 140 lbs but it was a solid 140 with most of it being muscle because I led such an active life. Then I got sick. My weight went up, and up and up. At its worst after prednisone had its way with my metabolism I hit 338 pounds. It was horrible. Long term use of high dose prednisone does things to your body and you just explode. Especially because I also ended up on insulin injections. I was unable to walk or stand on my own at one point and that was the worst point. It was a miracle I did not die. Doctors told me that at my age (52) and with my supposed health issues my body would probably never recover. Hah, proved them wrong… or at least I am working on it. At this point I am convinced that diet is the key to fixing anything.

Keto fixed the worst of the problems. I went from 336 down to 264 and could manage farm chores and keep up with my daughter but then I stalled. I put it down to messed up gut bacteria. My SIBO was running my life. I had to eat constantly. No, I mean I HAD to eat. If I didn’t weird things happened with my blood pressure and heart rate in addition to flushing, swelling, crawling skin, massive headaches and nausea. When these things happened from chemical and allergen exposure doctors gave me an EpiPen so I am assuming something living in my digestive tract was giving off chemicals when I did not feed it and my body was having an allergic reaction to them. So, I ate incessantly even when on keto. I guess in many ways that was a testimony to how effective keto is because I should have swollen up like a balloon instead of losing 69 lbs. Still I was stuck and I was getting to the point I was feeling helpless.

Then two weeks ago I got so frustrated I decided to just stop eating. At first I was just going to water fast until I killed off whatever was living in my gut and lost the weight but the possible side effects worried me so I decided to go with the OMAD diet and just eat one meal a day. I tried to set “realistic” goals. I had hoped in the month of July to hit 250 lbs. Honestly, I kept telling myself not to get my hopes up that high. Well, this morning I weighted in and I am officially at my goal of 250 lbs and I still have 10 days left in July. I have consistently lost a pound a day for the past 14 days. If I keep it up at that rate I will be at 240 lbs at the end of this month.

Walking Is The Biggest Thing

When I started the OMAD diet I could not hike effectively. I would tire out and get so sick. I now shoot for two miles a day. We were doing it a mile before morning farm chores and another mile after I milked in the evening. The weather has not been cooperating lately. If I want it to be cool enough to hike I have to hike in the early morning and late evening.

The best place to hike is down by the river. I live on a mountain top so there is no such thing as flat or paved walking paths. The dirt road that runs by the river is the best place to hike for someone who is just rebuilding their health. It is far from flat but it is flatter than everywhere else. The thing is, the river is a stocked fishing spot and when the fishermen leave the bears all come down to the river looking for dinner.

We take weapons etc. but Saturday night we had a near miss with a bear. Normally they leave when they hear people coming but this guy stood there and watched us slowly make our way up the hill in the steaming heat. Not cool. They drop off bears that have become habituated to eating out of trash cans in our neighborhood. Some of them can be pretty dangerous so he got me spooked enough I am going to do 2 miles in the morning from now on so I don’t need to do the evening hike. There are no houses along the way to run to and it isn’t worth the risk to have a run in with a bear.

This Is Just So Amazing

It is a long way from needing a scooty cart as I did before I started keto. I am feeling really good about this. Best of all, I feel so healthy. The pain from my fibro is gone. Not one allergic reaction. SIBO is a thing of the past. I just have to stick to keto and OMAD. OMAD alone is not enough. The one day I went off the wagon and had beans it was a disaster. I could not walk from the house to the car and I was in agony. There was not a spot on my body that didn’t hurt.

Still, it is a small sacrifice and honestly the pain and misery I end up enduring with carbs makes it pretty easy to stick to keto. I strongly suspect that there are a lot of people out there who could really benefit from doing this.

Signing off for now. Y’all have a great day and stay out of trouble.